A strong spirit

CComing in through the open window, he took a chair from the corner of the room and placed it beside her bed. “Ciao, principessa.”

Gia was fifteen the first time he sat with her. She’d been ill with scarlet fever. No one expected her to survive. But she did. …

Tal saves Earth from an alien attack

Tal fell back from the flame,
Fireball missing its aim,
Turning to run, dropping his gun,
He made it to safety the same.

They continued to come,
Seeing, Tal became dumb,
Boarding the ship, gave them the slip,
They persist to destroy the slum.

Fortnight passed, sirens rail,
Tal busts his…

One was destined to greatness, the other to the gallows

OOnce upon a time, there were two thieves — one destined to greatness, the other for the gallows. Marcus was the son of a great warrior who had earned the right to own land. Portman was a peasant, hungry his entire life. …

How to successfully implement a data science project

These days everyone is on the data bandwagon. Companies scramble to collect more data, better talent, and promise useful insights. But when the rubber meets the road, useful insights are still challenging even with the latest technology and the brightest minds.

According to Gartner, 85% of data science projects fail…

Rod Castor

Data Science | ML | AI | Tech Leadership and Strategy | Medium Top Writer in Leadership & Future | https://rodcastor.com

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