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  • Bruno Carloto

    Bruno Carloto

    Breathing Data Science, NLP, Computational Linguistics, Linguistics, and Education. | LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/bruno-rodrigues-carloto

  • John Hawkins

    John Hawkins

    AI/ML Solutions Architect with Amazon Web Services. Helping organisations deliver machine learning models to production. Author of getting-data-science-done.com

  • The DailyMotivation

    The DailyMotivation

    Start Making Money Online! https://linktr.ee/GlobalAffiliate

  • Guido van Rossum

    Guido van Rossum

    Creator of Python

  • J. Charles Ramirez

    J. Charles Ramirez

    Writer specializing in novel length fantasy and science fiction works

  • Leon Okwatch

    Leon Okwatch

    Curious observer. Writing at the intersection of health, wealth, and technology. I help people vibrate in the same frequency as reality.

  • Ella Alderson

    Ella Alderson

    Astrophysics student, writer for over a decade. A passion for language and the unexplored universe. I aim to marry poetry and science. ella.aldrsn@gmail.com

  • Andy Slavitt

    Andy Slavitt

    Former Medicare, Medicaid & ACA head for Pres. Barack Obama. https://twitter.com/ASlavitt

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